Investment Criteria

The AM Companies was developed out of partners' demand for direct investment in real estate. Previously the AM Companies has invested directly in real estate with only the equity provided within our core partnership.  This was developed as an investment arm for our individual partners interested in the benefits of real estate as an asset allocation, but unable to spend the time and effort required to acquire and manage property directly. In the past, direct investment in real estate has shut out investors who either do not meet qualified investor status or cannot make the large minimum investments required. These restrictions have traditionally left investors with few options for investing in real estate. We seek to make private investment available to our investors at a lower minimum investment threshold than the open market, in an environment where investments align with the Risk/Reward results that investors require.





Core Investments

  • Property Types: Direct Investment of stabilized off-market single tenant Net Lease Retail, Industrial, Medical
  • Preferred Price Range: $5 million to $100 million
  • IRR Target: Mid Teens
  • Locations: Nationwide MSAs/ Suburbs of strong MSAs
  • Credit: Investment Grade BBB+ or better.
  • Investment Horizon: 5-9 Years.
  • Investment Strategy: Sale-Leaseback, Developer Take out, Developer funding



New Net leased Development Joint Ventures

  • Property Types: Build to suit investment grade net leased properties.
  • Preferred Check Size: up to $30 million
  •  Locations: Major MSA’s

New Residential Development Joint Ventures

  • Property Types: Residential/Mixed use development, value add or ground up.
  • Equity Requirement: $5 million to $30 million
  • IRR Target: 20%+
  • Locations: NYC/NJ preferred.

New Hospitality Development Joint Ventures


  • Property Types: Value Added Hotels, turnaround,
  • Equity Requirement: $5 million to $30 million
  • IRR Target: 20%+
  • Locations: Major MSA’s.


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